Interbridge Loans is a specialist provider of bridging loans with a good deal of flexibility who can offer loans from £100k to £5million for a term of up to 12 months. We can offer up to 75% loan to value (LTV) on a short-term basis, which is secured as a first charge against a property or several properties depending on the circumstances.

A bridging loan is often time critical and usually required when other sources of capital are not readily available. We want our Introducers to be part of a team and to be able to talk to us, so if you require a flexible and pragmatic lender for bridging finance please call Interbridge Loans today on 0207 816 5934 or simply enquire here.

Bridging Finance


There are many reasons why short term finance is needed and this section covers just a few, it may even be for business reasons and a quick decision is required. It may be that funding is required elsewhere and suitable security is available on a property that has the equity that is needed. We have the flexibility to adapt to almost any need for bridging finance, so enquire here and lets us work with you on finding that solution.

Refurbishment Loan


Whether you need to add a few cosmetic touches or you are working from just a single wall we have the ability to provide the Finance to complete the project. Whether you are a developer or a landlord looking to add to his portfolio, the funding you need is available here.



Has the current funding you have in place come to the end of its term, do you need to avoid those potential penalties. If a little more time is required to complete the work you have started or to find the right type of long term finance, then we can step in to cover that gap.

Auction Finance

Auction Finance

Designed for residential properties purchased at auction. Auction finance is a fast and efficient way to ensure the finance required meets the timescales required. We understand that a quick decision, smooth process and a guaranteed completion date is vitally important to our customers.